easily persuaded

References in classic literature ?
She knew her beloved Catherine to have so feeling a heart, so sweet a temper, to be so easily persuaded by those she loved.
This latter achievement resulted in a flogging, for the sand-martins built in a high bank close to the village, consequently out of bounds; but one of the bolder spirits of the school, who never could be happy unless he was doing something to which risk was attached, easily persuaded Tom to break bounds and visit the martins' bank.
They needed very few arguments to persuade a single man to yield, when he saw five men upon him and his comrade knocked down: besides, this was, it seems, one of the three who were not so hearty in the mutiny as the rest of the crew, and therefore was easily persuaded not only to yield, but afterwards to join very sincerely with us.
His interesting patient, Jos, was a regular milch-cow to the Doctor, and he easily persuaded the civilian, both for his own health's sake and that of his charming sister, which was really very much shattered, to pass the summer at that hideous seaport town.
But if some intelligent and accomplished friend points out to him, that the difficulties by which he is startled are more in appearance than reality, if, by reading aloud to him, or by reducing the ordinary words to the modern orthography, he satisfies his proselyte that only about one-tenth part of the words employed are in fact obsolete, the novice may be easily persuaded to approach the ``well of English undefiled,'' with the certainty that a slender degree of patience will enable him to enjoy both the humour and the pathos with which old Geoffrey delighted the age of Cressy and of Poictiers.
I think China, Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh or any other FIH affiliated outfit can be easily persuaded to visit Pakistan.
As pension costs soak up revenues, public resentment will rise: Voters won't be easily persuaded to pay more for public services if they have reason to believe that PERS is first in line for every tax dollar.
Natalie Leeming, 25, avoided jail as a judge accepted she was "more easily persuaded to give in to pressure than other people of more robust character".
By this year's general election, voters had grown used to the idea and were more easily persuaded by the Tory pitch of"Let us finish the job.
He or she might think you're easily persuaded or more willing to say yes than the kitchen manager might be.
If we cannot become better at finding and stopping these delinqents being so easily persuaded to become ghastly unholy warriors then we will suffer more weeks like the last one.
Admitting that "military action is critical" to prevent the ISIS' further advance, "we have to fight an information war as well as an air war," noting how the young people are the ones easily persuaded by the group because of the latter's affiliation with social media portals.