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The additional easing measures are likely to come into line with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic policies, which include aggressive monetary easing, and Kuroda's pledge to pursue "bold monetary easing in terms of quality and quantity.
20[yen] after the monetary easing by the Japanese authorities.
In the staffs judgment, the prospects for some further easing of pressure on labor and other resources suggested that price inflation likely would not deviate significantly from recent trends.
There was concern that an increase in the M2 range could foster a misreading of the Committee's intentions, especially if some easing in policy were to be approved during this meeting, explanations of the technical reasons notwithstanding.
Declines in interest rates in foreign countries were widespread, reflecting signs of greater economic weakness as well as actual or prospective easing in monetary policies abroad.
economy and consequent market anticipation of an easing of U.
recovery than had been anticipated and to expect further easing of U.
Nonetheless, many of the members felt that the behavior of M2 and M3, whose growth for the year to date was at the bottom of the Committee's ranges, needed to be monitored with special care and, at least in one view, that some further easing measures might be desirable in the near term to improve the prospects that monetary expansion for the year would be within the Committee's ranges.
In foreign exchange markets, the dollar tended to weaken in reaction to the easing of U.
As the dollar rose, it gathered momentum that neither disappointing economic data nor further easing of U.
The System's policy actions over the course of recent months, including two reductions in the discount rate, represented substantial easing on a cumulative basis and most probably had positioned monetary policy to contribute to a satisfactory recovery in business activity.
Another easing step was taken in early January in response to weak money growth and considerable softness in the economy.