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But there was a warning that the mini boom of recent years could be easing off.
While the slowdown may simply represent an easing off of what was a breathless pace over the past three to four years, a prolonged or deepened slump in these areas could spell trouble for certain industry sectors in the years ahead.
SCUNTHORPE almost paid the price for easing off after a superb early show.
This is done by applying the brakes firmly to a point just short of lock up, and then easing off the brake pedal slightly.
PAT FENLON insists Bohs wont be easing off the gas against non-league Glenville on Sunday.
Bath coach John Connolly admitted his players threw the game away by easing off after the break at the Stoop yesterday, saying: "We gave Harlequins momentum.
MORTON took advantage of being involved in the only First Division fixture of the day, easing off the bottom of the table with a 3-1 victory over HAMILTON.