easy chore

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Using a micro-fibre cloth to dust the surface like any other is an easy chore.
Much has changed in the last two years in the area of employee benefits, and navigating this evolution is no easy chore.
Furthermore, attending a session to observe is not an easy chore and as professionals it is very important to learn how to create a mental shield for ourselves to keep these stories from getting to us.
Despite sweeping the Axemen, Horn said winning the QSLL title was no easy chore.
Filed opponent or not, ousting a sitting member of Congress is no easy chore, nor is defeating a candidate like Gallego, who national Democrats essentially treat as an incumbent.
At Springfield College, Bennett played football and basketball, not an easy chore considering the demands of back-to-back seasons.
No matter how you got it done, that's not an easy chore.
Aside from his checkered background and Socialist leanings there is the fact that governing Suriname has never been an easy chore.
Loading 19 rounds in the magazine with a strong spring is not an easy chore.
The comfortable hand grip makes it a quick and easy chore.
Being perennially the odd man out in terms of political persuasion is no easy chore, as being a middle-class East-Bank, secular, left-wing Palestinian nationalist and Pan-Arabist in an age of vapid consumerism, cultural decay and a half-hearted westernization trend that is riddled with far too many discrepancies and wild contradictions to list here, simply doesn't seem to fit most norms in Amman.