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Meantime, Duterte, almost halfway though his six-year term, admitted that the presidency is "not an easy job."
On a question asked about Punjab CM, he said that Buzdar is governing a big province which is not an easy job.
He said that saving the human lives away from home in floods, quakes and other natural disasters is not an easy job. The DC assured his all out support to the Civil Defence volunteers in resolving their problems.
Bringing new products into the market is not an easy job, but thanks to the opportunities for foreign investors created in Uzbekistan, we were able to import new technologies into Jizzakh and start producing new types of modern and high-quality products for the domestic market.
He further stated, "staying awake for safeguarding motherland is not an easy job and the pleasure is beyond any riches of the world."
I do not see it as an easy job, but I do have faith in it.
Speaking exclusively, he says, "making a debut at just 18 is definitely not an easy job with the kind of team set up India has right now.
'The end of the hostilities is a signal that we have a lot of work ahead of us in rebuilding Marawi, which is no easy job,' she added.
By: Nancy Ragab Ras Sudr, Egypt - 4 September 2017: Being a bird is not an easy job, especially if you depend on hunting to feed yourself.
It's quite an easy job for us now - we have lots of experience in the team."
FERGUSON: Serving tea to the media cannot be an easy job - so you well and truly deserve a long and happy retirement!