easy job

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That's an easy job," said Scraps, sitting upon a big upholstered chair and making the springs bounce her up and down.
Bu when on level ground it does not appear an easy job fo one man to kill a beast mad with terror.
He was a soldier of distinguished skill and success, but he didn't have altogether an easy job with this little place.
Jukes burst out: "If you think it was an easy job --"
I am so out of sorts that I bungle at an easy job like this
He further stated, "staying awake for safeguarding motherland is not an easy job and the pleasure is beyond any riches of the world.
I do not see it as an easy job, but I do have faith in it.
Speaking exclusively, he says, "making a debut at just 18 is definitely not an easy job with the kind of team set up India has right now.
The end of the hostilities is a signal that we have a lot of work ahead of us in rebuilding Marawi, which is no easy job,' she added.
By: Nancy Ragab Ras Sudr, Egypt - 4 September 2017: Being a bird is not an easy job, especially if you depend on hunting to feed yourself.
If I wanted a nice easy job, I would have stayed at Preston.
It's quite an easy job for us now - we have lots of experience in the team.