easy to grasp

See: clear, coherent
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The control system is very easy to grasp, but it offers a progressive difficulty rating that keeps you playing, and suitably frustrated.
Abstract and overwhelming concepts are made easy to grasp using visual language and comparisons.
It's fairly easy to grasp why their turnout rates are so high.
The bike comes with multi- reflector headlight, split seat, newly designed muffler protector, wide tubeless radial tyres and easy to grasp aluminium handle grab bars.
The hurt of their sons, William and Harry, is easy to grasp ahead of the 20th anniversary of their mother's death.
Its design is easy to grasp and use, and can be operated whether the worker is wearing gloves or not.
The system is straightforward, easy to grasp and more importantly reliable.
It is written clearly and concisely, explaining the difference between the two diseases in a way that is easy to grasp.
And the pockets and ridges make them easy to grasp, especially for little hands.
This makes them especially easy to grasp at first opening for both right- and left-handed consumers.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Guarantee Of Godrej Make Or Equivalent Vertical Filing Cabinet (4 Drawer Type) Having Following Features: A) Smooth Telescopic Drawer Slide Mechanism; B) Anti-Rebound And Anti-Tipping Mechanism; C) Easy To Grasp Handle; D) Robust Locking Facility; E) Prince Grey Colour (Preferable)
This ingenious Doodle provides information in a very subtle and easy to grasp way.