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We are not an easy touch and I don't think that teams look forward to playing us.
Government must recognise them as one of the UK's biggest assets and not as an easy touch as seems to be the case at present.
Judge Guy Whitburn told him: "You did it three times in a couple of days, and she was an easy touch.
They open up at with a tricky tie at Sheffield Wednesday, but with the likes of centre-back Brede Hangeland in the rearguard, they no longer look the easy touch on the road which was so evident in other campaigns.
Full control is provided from the ICA's integrated Easy Touch Display unit with functions such as automatic teach-in of new products, manual entry of detection parameters and the storage and recall of product programmes.
Even then they said that Britain was an easy touch for foreigners.
It seems that car dealers see women as an easy touch and don't feel the need to offer such keen prices as they would if it was a man in front of them.
Kids will especially enjoy the motion-activated ``Ribbit'' sounds, which parents can also shut off with an easy touch of a button.
The PC-controlled tubefiller is designed to maximize production efficiencies and minimize human error by providing easy touch screen access to guide the operator through all phases of production and levels of understanding.
The new line includes a "basic battery-powered smoke alarm," as well as an alarm with the company's Easy Touch Alarm Pause feature.
The easy touch screen is simple to learn and the in-depth reporting features allow me to quickly display and view sales details.
The total exhibition area reached 25,000 square meters, more than 500 well-known companies including Fuji Bingshan, Aucma, CPI-eMEI-e, Easy Touch, Leiyun Feng, Snow, Miquan, Zhongji, Junpeng, Le Vending, Jinhe, Fulei, ITL, Fujitsu, JCM, Minhao, Kubota, Intel, Hantai and others came to our large event.