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Ferrell is probably best known as the tall, easy-going half of his and Chris Kattan's "Roxbury Guy" sketches.
She's really easy-going and a fun-loving kid,'' he said.
State Financial Bank's highly responsive, knowledgeable, easy-going approach is how Allen has built his companies.
Pole, who was the Angels' pitching coach in 1999, got along well with Finley, who liked his easy-going style.
Even with those long hours at work, LaRoche's easy-going personality lead to long-lasting relationship with his Murfreesboro co-workers, which he celebrated in his 1992 history of NHC - "NHC Reflections".
My brother was a very good man, very nice, quiet, an easy-going guy.
The Dirty Bird Cafe concept is based on a simple and proven premise of a lifestyles restaurant catering to the local neighborhood with quality food, good portions, fast and friendly service and some unique nuances like premium brands of liquors, huge food portions, a menu with a great variety and healthy eats, relaxed easy-going atmosphere, community events, fast and friendly staff, and a tastefully decorated clean restaurant.
Both of them are very kind, unaffected, friendly and easy-going people, not at all like your typical cold-hearted politician,'' she said.
For the easy-going Van de Velde, it was merely the sensible reaction.
MP JIMMY Wray's wife yesterday described him as the most easy-going, kindest person she had ever met.
Ben and Abbie fall hard for each other, and Robert, easy-going until this point, suddenly turns into a resentful, green-eyed monster.
If you're having a party or a simple evening meal and want a soft, easy-going everyday red at a rock-bottom price, Casa Rural Tinto (Thresher/Bottoms Up/Wine Rack, pounds 2.