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I have detested blue eyes ever since, and blonde moustaches, and the whole stout easy-going type
Still I do remember hearing my father say that Neptune was angry with us for being too easy-going in the matter of giving people escorts.
He happened to be an easy-going fellow, so they got a pleasant nod to their "Please may I go out?
You are too easy-going, or cowardly, or both, for that.
Here it looks like, it's more easy-going and more relaxed.
Wellington, Oct 31 (ANI): Well-groomed, easy-going, funny and not cheesy type are the qualities Kiwi women look for in their men, reveals a survey.
His alter ego is not quite as easy-going - a problem exacerbated when he falls in love and the two sides of his personality become rivals.
It also revealed 69% of us think we are friendly, 65% say that we are talkative and 61% reckon we are easy-going.
He is such an easy-going horse, he has a wonderful temperament, and that is what has helped him along the way.
THE FAMILY of a Coventry grandad who was killed while riding one of his beloved motorbikes has hailed him as "funny, easy-going and friendly.
The Caerphilly/Blaenau Gwent Adult Social League provides a structured base, while maintaining an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere.
The Stirling University worker made a computer generated face consisting of features that were attractive to people who fancied easy-going partners.