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A fleshy heavy weight police personal deployed on traffic duty on Margalla road has made it daily routine to grab eggs, bread, burger, and cold drinks from the vehicles transporting these eatables to the bakeries.
All eatables which are being sold in the market, are checked as per the annual sampling schedule.
In Pakistan, people are worried about the rise in the price of eatables during the holy month.
LAHORE:The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Sunday issued a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the plastic bottle industry.Only food grade plastic bottle should be used for eatables, while bottle made with used plastic should not be used for eatables.
They have come to the camp carrying food, other eatables and necessities for a longer stay at the site.
In the same spirit, the Chief Minister Jam Kamal order to functionalize the Food Authority in the Province to ensure that the broad masses should get unadulterated food and eatables from the open and lawless markets in Balochistan.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 10 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Friday stayed a Jammu and Kashmir High Court order permitting cinema patrons to carry their own eatables into theatres.
Tenders are invited for Branded / standard product/as per mrp/ eatables and other items
Presiding over a meeting at his office on Friday, the Deputy Commissioner said that the district administration has undertaken measures to ensure supply of eatables to people of the Khairpur at discounted rates during Ramzan.
It was stated that most of the Chinese eatables, including gelatin, rennet, whey powder glycerin and all its derivatives fats and byproducts, were banned unless having Halal certification.
He said that provision of different eatables should be made available at fixed rates and their prompt supply in the markets should also be ensured.
It is a wrong practice, one that forces customers to purchase eatables and even bottled water from these places, which are sold at exorbitant prices.