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The most important thing is making sure we're not left eating humble pie after our game with Buckie.
In the wake of London's Olympic triumph over Paris, President Chirac maybe eating humble pie.
Loser, waster and parasite might make a strange sticker - but if it stops me eating humble pie, I'd be happy to wear one.
But Jock, 47, was eating humble pie yesterday and told the TV presenter: "I'm sorry.
The leader was eating humble pie of his own yesterday when forced to apologise for a smear on residents of Karen Matthews' estate.
The sensational move - exclusively revealed in Record Sport - left O'Sullivan's former manager Barry Hearn eating humble pie.
Whether the 33-year-old supermodel was eating humble pie after promising to mend her wild, party ways, we couldn't say.
MALANDRA left David eating humble pie when she was the only one to win any food in yesterday's Bushtucker Trial.
IF Rebecca Loos hoped her stunt with a female Becks lookalike would have Posh eating humble pie, she couldn't have been more wrong.
ROLLS Royce directors were eating humble pie for breakfast, lunch and tea yesterday after they abandoned targets to achieve earnings growth of more than 10 per cent each year.
Ronnie O'Sullivan yesterday joined Ian Doyle's dream-team - and left his former manager Barry Hearn eating humble pie.