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Today is about me quite rightly eating humble pie," says Ridsdale.
It is about me eating humble pie and apologising to fans," he said.
EATING humble pie has never come easy to the people who spend the people's cash.
Sir Callum McCarthy, the FSA's chairman, stopped short of eating humble pie yesterday in a reference to how the organisation's appeals tribunal halved the original penalty it had imposed on Legal & General for pensions mis-selling.
So he was eating humble pie yesterday while I had a big smile on my face all day.
I just would love to be eating humble pie next week and having a laugh about it with Hizzy - but now that can't happen.
THAT'S SLAPSTICK: But Sooty has been left eating humble pie after landing this dollop of pizza on magician Paul Daniels' head.
THE MacDonald Brothers thought their biggest critic Simon Cowell was eating humble pie when they received a "phone call" from him this week.