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For literary scholars the chief interest in this volume of the correspondence lies in the multiple references to major poems by both EBB and RB which preoccupy critics today: her Aurora Leigh, which EBB was rushing to finish before they returned to England in order to see the poem through the press; and his 1855 collection Men and Women, published on 10 November, which EBB believed would firmly establish his contemporary eminence and his enduring fame.
In June 2010, the EBB complained that the anti-dumping measures were being circumvented by transshipment via Canada and Singapore and by exports of biodiesel in a blend containing by weight 20% or less of biodiesel.
At the moment everything depends on legal processes with the Ebb & Flow site.
Only two studies were included in the analysis of the use of EBUS-TBNA versus TBLB + EBB for the diagnosis of Stage I and II sarcoidosis.
If first EBB, and then Dickinson cast themselves as "little tipplers," it is because they are also "lyric tipplers," though sipping from a cup we no longer recognize, in part because it was cast aside long ago, in part because both women poets refashion it to serve their own ends.
The impression I got is that the less you spend at Ebb & Flow, the more you might like it - my wife Collette's lemon and chicken thyme burger (PS9.
All of the EBBs the industry can attract are already on board the train.
If the wetlands were functioning properly, bacterial counts would be reduced during ebb tide and that there would be a significant difference between the ebb and flow tide samples, however they were nearly identical.
However, cheap American biodiesel has continued to be sold on the European market, and in June 2010 the EBB lodged a new complaint calling for circumvention procedures to be launched.
LOS ANGELES, Jumada I 7, 1434, Mar 19, 2013, SPA -- When NASA's twin spacecraft Ebb and Flow crashed into the moon last year, scientists did not count on seeing the aftermath, AP reported.
Finishing as individual champions in the league were junior boys captain Liam Shanahan of Princeton and sophomore Abby Ebb of Lancaster.