ebb and flow

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Flying the flag The Ebb and Flow banner at Arthurlie House, with John West, Joan Oliphant and Gill West, who worked on the project
On Tuesday, the space agency released before-and-after pictures of the lunar north pole where Ebb and Flow came to rest.
The spacecrafts Ebb and Flow completed their mission with a lunar impact on December 17 after 11.
After rocketing off the launch pad in September 2011, Ebb and Flow took a roundabout journey to the moon, arriving over the New Year's holiday on a gravity-mapping mission.
Ebb and Flow were commanded to de-orbit and impact on the surface of the Moon, somewhere near the North Pole.
a[euro]oeNegotiations always ebb and flow and right now theya[euro](tm)re in an ebb position,a[euro] Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz told Yahooa[euro](tm)s Tech Ticker on Wednesday.
2 : the rise of the tide <the ebb and flow of the tide>
The scenes ebb and flow between the sweetness of Cinderella and the stepsisters' brashness.
Presumably, the dynamics can change rather quickly with the ebb and flow of events occurring far from home," he added.
The wily Odysseus sails inexorably home to Ithaca to the rhythmic ebb and flow of Robert Fagle's straightforward modern translation.
But in all these works, a rivulet runs through it, a perpetual bathing and cleansing that signifies baptism and absolution, a gradual immersion in the ebb and flow of time and memory.
Like the tides on the Mississagi Straits in front of the plant, business has experienced the market's ebb and flow through the years.