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This holds the salt front in place for the remainder of the ebb tide, and the additional input of salt strengthens the salinity difference across the front.
But contrary to predictions it came ashore on an ebb tide, limiting flooding and reducing the risk of a storm surge inundating seafront properties.
In her albums, the first time Regine had saluted Mang Gerry was when she included "Ebb Tide" - popularized by Frank Sinatra and later the Righteous Brothers, both of which are favorite artists by Regine's dad - in her eponymous debut album.
Sunrise, ebb tide, half an inch of water covering Tennean Beach's
"The problem with this ebb tide is that when you're behind you're locked out.
Hurwitz said that the ebb tide had threatened to push the swimmers off course but the swimmers made it through as after jumping in, the divers made a commitment to themselves that they will have to pass through the waters.
Doris Corti, 84, from Lindley had her poems, Ebb Tide and Slapton Sands, included in an anthology Running Before The Wind by Keighley-based Grey Hen Press.
When Dixon was on the hunt for Union ships, the standard procedure was to leave the dock at Breach Inlet (on Sullivan's Island) after dark, venture forth to sea on a carrying ebb tide, and return to shore on the rising flood tide.
The PL trawler speed was thus so regulated to operate in more saline waters during ebb tide in order to maximize PL harvests.
The men had several tools in their fight against crime, including Boz's robot, The Roboz (which, unlike most television robots, did not speak); Nick's ageing Sikorsky helicopter, The Screaming Mimi, and Cody's speedboat, the Ebb Tide.
There was a very real possibility of the boat grounding in rough seas and on an ebb tide 500 yards south of Plymouth breakwater.
Ethereal Wirral by the sea Ancient mystic Hilbre Isle Tread carefully, stay close to shore Ebb tide, sinking sands Strange, lonesome memories Have I been here before?