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Methane in paddy soil is transported to the atmosphere through paddy water by two pathways: (1) diffusion between soil and atmosphere and (2) bubble ebullition [9].
If the same pattern is inferred for Alaska Blackfish, methane ebullition may have a significant role in winter mortality.
La ville de Medenine est en ebullition suite a des rumeurs concernant une eventuelle annulation du projet de construction d'une faculte de medecine dans la region et son transfert vers le gouvernorat de Gabes.
Such ebullition is not just an echo of the European warfront, but also an analogy of the immense liberation of self in war as well as in sex, as Patocka has argued.
Pour des raisons qu'il est inutile d'examiner ici, tous ces mouvements en ebullition ont agrandi le champ de la democratie, en eclairant l'ecart qui separe ses principes de liberte et ses regles de vie, les valeurs qui sont enseignees aux citoyens, de la realite des discriminations et des exclusions.
Physical controls of methane ebullition from reservoirs and lakes.
Dans cette veine, il a estime que le Maroc, en faisant valoir sa defense de la legalite et des valeurs de justice, de liberte et de democratie, parallelement a ses engagements consistant a fournir aides sanitaires et alimentaires, soutien aux infrastructures et renforcement des competences et du savoir-faire a travers la formation et l'encadrement des acteurs economiques, aura derechef montre ses preuves tant et si bien que l'Union europeenne le considere desormais plus qu'un allie strategique dans une zone en pleine ebullition.
Et d'autres encore plus pour stabiliser le pays en ebullition.
Suddenly and at the same moment, the ebullition ceased and the compound changed to a dark purple, which faded again more slowly to a watery green.
The notion that there is something irreconcilable between the aspirations of Arab societies and those of Western societies is simplistic, and often wrong, just as it is equally naive to expect Arab societies in ebullition will wholeheartedly embrace Western values, such as secularism, the primacy of the individual at the expense of the group, and so on.
While his brother and the other boys were at playtime," he remembered, George remained "behind the door, ciphering," preternaturally serious, except for "one youthful ebullition .