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Many a lorgnette I saw turned in her direction, and the croupiers' hopes rose high that such an eccentric player was about to provide them with something out of the common.
He was eccentric--he was very eccentric. Unless he has left a will (which is not at all likely) I shall take out letters of administration.
"But there have been inventors who were not eccentric and who starved while they sought to invent practical things; and sometimes, it is recorded, they succeeded.
These were very remarkable, but as eccentric as all his other accomplishments.
Our muscle architecture results agree with those by Reeves and colleagues (28) who evaluated 9 subjects that performed a 14-wk conventional strength training program that consisted of concentric and eccentric muscle actions and 10 subjects that performed a 14-wk knee extensor eccentric training program.
Earth's orbital eccentricity, for example, is 0.017, while Mercury, which is the most eccentric planet in our solar system, has an eccentricity of 0.205.
What's more, Kane and his colleagues were able to detect a signal of reflected light from the planet known as HD 20782 -- a "flash" of starlight bouncing off the eccentric planet's atmosphere as it made its closest orbital approach to its star.
A diverse range of speakers from Europe and the US discussed the latest research, and the provision and delivery of eccentric viewing training.
All inserted parts of the press (eccentric shafts, pin, connecting rods, and anchors) were inserted through contacts.
Both the eccentric and push/ pull models are mounted on a new slide-rail system.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: This study included 60 patients with severe Achilles tendon pain and who had been referred to us as candidates for surgical treatment The study protocol was approved by the ethics committee of the Kempegowda institute of medical sciences (KIMS) Medical Faculty, Patients were randomized to treatment either with eccentric calf muscle training or with concentric calf muscle training.
The EMG spectrum from eccentric, concentric muscle contractions and increased serum levels of muscle proteins such as creatine kinase (CK) in humans were studied as a factor of mechanical damage of muscle fiber and functional change of metabolic tissue [13,14].