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CONTRACTION. An abbreviation; a mode of writing or printing by which some of the letters of a word are omitted. See Abbreviations.

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The purpose of this study was surface electromyography (MDF, MPF) assessments of the VMM and RFM and CK levels after eccentric contraction following glutamine supplementation.
Also, Paddon-Jones and Abernethy (39) demonstrated that acute adaptation to low volume eccentric exercise can occur in the absence of significant muscle damage and that exposure to a small number of non-damaging eccentric contractions can significantly improve recovery after a subsequent damaging eccentric bout.
Maybe the eccentric contractions could stimulate the HSP70 response by mechanisms dependent on muscle damage, which are greater in this type of exercise and are modulated by an increase in inflammation markers (Lavie et al.
2007) only stimulated the vastus lateralis and induced eccentric contractions whereas Mackey at al.
Unaccustomed eccentric contractions may produce exercise-induced muscle damage, which is typically manifested as reduced maximal isometric strength and range of motion (ROM), as well as increased muscle soreness (Lavender and Nosaka, 2008; Warren et al.
It is well documented that repeated eccentric contractions or unaccustomed resistance training will cause muscle soreness, transient decrements in muscle function and an increased leakage of intracellular proteins into the vascular space (Clarkson and Hubal 2002; Howatson and van Someren, 2008; Smith, 1991).
Non-adenosine triphosphate-dependent mechanical rupture of actin-myosin cross-bridges could explain the lesser energy utilization in an eccentric contraction relative to concentric contraction.
More muscle endurance--The use of slow, continuous motion in Pilates forces the body to use concentric and eccentric contraction.
It's a training method based on the understanding that a concentric muscular contraction is much stronger if it immediately follows and eccentric contraction of the same muscle.
These periods of high torque and power absorption occur when the knee is flexing; thus, a large, eccentric contraction of knee extensors is required to prevent leg buckling.
In a research on eccentric and concentric contraction groups, increased CK was observed only in the eccentric contraction group.
Eccentric contraction of the quadriceps (Q) muscles during landings is vital for energy absorption (4, 19, 20); however, large Q forces have the potential to stress and increase injury risk to knee joint ligaments.