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Caption: The patented design of the ERC25-25 primary crusher featuries a roll mounted eccentrically between the crushing and the screening chamber, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity when compared with other crusher types, accordind to supplier thyssenkrupp.
Combining projects of their own--an installation for Swedish retailer Cos, shoes for British footwear brand Clarks Originals, a cushion for Britain's Imperial War Museums--with the work of others, the book offers an eccentrically curated look into the playful and occasionally psychedelic eyes and minds of Murray and Winteringham.
Among proposed lateral loading system, eccentrically braced frame, though has little stiffness compared to the types of convergent braces, it has high strength, especially high energy absorption capability and tolerates stability hysteresis cycle under reciprocating loadings that achieving to this important issue is not possible regarding convergent braces due to buckling under the pressure.
Studies (6,14,20,21,24,27) have shown that eccentrically biased acute exercise of high eccentric contraction component results in ultrastructural muscle injury.
Radiological examination of right heel revealed two eccentrically situated expansile multiloculated lytic lesion within calcaneum.
Her camp has since maintained that the star acted eccentrically due to her constant use of marijuana.
Black and white planes eccentrically alternate yet cohere; it's as though the ships have become optical illusions--Op art--even as they remain tidily streamlined.
Honestly, of all the issues going on with the eccentrically schizophrenic pop superstar, I would have thought weight was the least of her worries.
Hence, in the view of above literature survey, the objective of the present paper is to study the magnetohydrodynamic flow of the micropolar fluid between eccentrically placed rotating disks.
Be entertained by the Syren call of this eccentrically designed speaker.
That's why it's called Fylm (spelt as eccentrically as you might expect).