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An explanation was made through extracting the mode of beams under three kinds of eccentricities when pre-stress value was 200 kN, as shown in Fig.
2]min, case I and stage V for different eccentricities [d.
Joksimovic, "Harmonic signatures of static eccentricities in the stator voltages and in the rotor current of no-load salient-pole synchronous generators," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol.
With the aforementioned parameters, the pressure distribution curves in the solids conveying zone with different eccentricities are presented as a function of rotor angle in Fig.
In both cases of stress distribution eccentricities of reinforcement become equal outside the anchorage zone and stay equal in the middle zone of the member.
The focus of this study is to estimate displacement due to tunneling, in coarse grained soils of varying density subjected to varied building loads and eccentricities from the centre line.
17 ( ANI ): Two astronomers have proposed a new path for the formation of a newly discovered class of millisecond pulsars with similar orbital periods and eccentricities.
One of Elia's defining characteristics in fact is that he declares his idiosyncrasies with exuberance, holding them up as deficiencies so as to add drama--a sense of magic or alchemy--to the essays' signature process, which converts ostensibly trivial defects and anomalies into attractive, singular eccentricities.
Different eccentricities in induction machines were documented previously [7, 8, 13-18].
With their uncaring father struggling to cope following the institutionalisation of their mum, the five Moochmore sisters are left in the care of Collette's nanny, Shaz, eccentricities are to be celebrated.
It is seen that when the level of fault is increased from 10% up to 60% eccentricities, the RF component toward the y axis is associated with higher amplitude than those obtained in x axis.