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There was no sign of any violence, and the water was but two feet deep, so that the jury, having regard to his known eccentricity, brought in a verdict of 'suicide.
The time has passed when he was an object of ridicule, and it is no longer a mark of eccentricity to defend or of perversity to extol him.
She was much more likely to overstep the bounds of reasonable conduct by some extraordinary eccentricity.
There are some trees, Watson, which grow to a certain height, and then suddenly develop some unsightly eccentricity.
In the streets of London where beauty goes unregarded, eccentricity must pay the penalty, and it is better not to be very tall, to wear a long blue cloak, or to beat the air with your left hand.
A man who does that is always charged with eccentricity, inconsistency, and that kind of thing.
Slowly she retraced her steps, her eyes upon the ground, her mind absorbed in sad consideration of her father's increasing moodiness and eccentricity.
It passed as a mere eccentricity when they heard of her stout drinking, her cigarette smoking, her occasional whiffs at a long clay pipe, her horsewhipping of a drunken servant, and her companionship with the snake Eliza, whom she was in the habit of bearing about in her pocket.
As usual in such cases, she rose superior to her own eccentricity.
English eccentricity,' the man looked at the hotel register, and led the lady upstairs again to the room occupied by her maid.
Besides all this, the eccentricity of events leads to endless cross-purposes; many are called and few are chosen is the law of earth as of heaven.
He wasn't a sailor, or one might pardon his eccentricity of appearance; he must belong to the over-harbor clans.