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ECCHYMOSIS, med. jur. Blackness. It is an extravasation of blood by rupture of capillary vessels, and hence it follows contusion; but it may exist, as in cases of scurvy, and other morbid conditions, without the latter. Ryan's Med. Jur. 172.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The lungs were diffusedly hyperemic with some localized foci of ecchymotic heamorrhages on the ventral surfaces of the left caudal and right middle lobes.
The liver is friable, mottled, swollen and discolored had multiple regions of focal necrosis, pin point or ecchymotic hemorrhages.
The pulses were not palpable and there were ecchymotic regions in the lower extremities.
It is worth noting that purpura covering much of the patient's lower extremities, scattered ecchymotic patches are found throughout his exam.
Postmortem lesions included dehydration of the skeletal muscles with numerous ecchymotic and petechial haemorrhages (Figure 4) and enlargement of the kidneys with urate-distended tubules.
Petechial and ecchymotic rashes were seen on the limbs and trunk.
There were no petechial or ecchymotic spot on his skin, but retinal haemorrhages were detected by ophthalmoscopic examination.
The clinical findings in his left eye were as follows: the left lower eyelid was edematous and ecchymotic and the globe was intact except for a small area of subconjunctival hemorrhage in the temporal region (Figure 1, 2).
Two weeks after initial presentation, the patient developed a 5 by 6 cm ecchymotic wound of the dorsum of the right hand that progressed rapidly to epidermolysis and necrosis extending to the extensor tendons; it was conjectured at the time that the site was a previous peripheral IV access site, but no clinical documentation confirmed that possibility.
of condition 1 Peste des Congestion of mucosa HA, HI, ELISA, [29, 30, petits of respiratory PCR-ELISA, RT- 37-43] ruminants tract, exudates in PCR, real-time (PPR) tract, hardening of PCR LAMP lungs mainly in anterior lobes, congestion hemorrhages, and erosion in intestinal mucosa 2 Bluetongue In sheep-oedematous ACID, RNA-PAGE, [44-58] face and ears, with FIT, RT-PCR, dry, crusty exudate ELISA, and real- on the nostrils; time PCR hyperemic coronary bands of hooves; petechial or ecchymotic hemorrhages may be present and extend down the horn.
Abdominal palpation revealed mild to moderate tenderness in the same ecchymotic areas.
A second individual with a skin abnormality was observed to have two small ecchymotic areas less than 15 mm in diameter on the anterior surface of the lower leg on the non-operative leg on the night of surgery.