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ECCHYMOSIS, med. jur. Blackness. It is an extravasation of blood by rupture of capillary vessels, and hence it follows contusion; but it may exist, as in cases of scurvy, and other morbid conditions, without the latter. Ryan's Med. Jur. 172.

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Histological studies on the ecchymotic lesions reveal skin edema, erythrocytes extravasation and perivascular acute inflammatory infiltration.
2[degrees]C, a pulse of 140 beats/min, an arterial blood pressure of 90/60 mm Hg, diffuse hemorrhagic foci, and a disseminated ecchymotic rash.
It was considered that in the present case of a pectoral muscle hematoma, lifting the patient by holding her from the axillary area of the plegic side by her relatives triggered the situation and traces of fingernails on the ecchymotic areas of the axillary area were observed.
This lethal combination has been known to give nurses less hair, shiners, headaches, and ecchymotic pelvic bones.
The physical examination was consistent with ecchymotic areas in her right thigh and the gluteal regions.
On physical examination, there were no important findings other than slight conjunctival paleness, ecchymotic lesions in her lower extremities, and a 2 to 3 cm splenomegaly.
Flexible diagnostic laryngoscopy performed transorally revealed the presence of an ecchymotic lesion on the left tip of the epiglottis.