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ECCLESIA. In classical Greek this word signifies any assembly, and in this sense it is used in Acts xix. 39. But ordinarily, in the New Testament, the word denotes a Christian assembly, and is rendered into English by the word church. It occurs thrice only in, the Gospels, viz. in Matt. xvi. 18, and xviii. 17; but very frequently in the other parts of the New Testament, beginning with Acts ii. 47. In Acts xix. 37, the word churches, in the common English version, seems to be improperly used to denote heathen temples. Figuratively, the word church is employed to signify the building set apart for the Christian assemblies; but the word eclesia is not used in the New Testament in that sense.

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Murray referred to Ex Corde Ecclesiae in his letter to McIntyre.
The group, which has access to high officials at the Vatican, seeks to "faithfully implement" Ex Corde Ecclesiae and to assist the trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni of Catholic colleges and universities in retaining their institution's Catholic identity.
bishops in 1996 voted overwhelmingly in favor of a pastoral strategy adopting the spirit of Ex Corde Ecclesiae but circumventing canonical requirements deemed incompatible with academic freedom.
bishops delivered a set of principles for implementing Ex Corde Ecclesiae to Rome in November 1996.
Ex Corde Ecclesiae ("From the Heart of the Church"), Pope John Paul II's 1990 Apostolic Constitution on Higher Education, directs Catholic colleges and universities to affirm their Catholic identity and take steps to safeguard and perpetuate their Catholic missions.
Nam cum hypobolimena quidem et peruetusta sint haec scripta pleraque, res ipsa docet Historiam veterum haeresium et loca quaedam veterum ecclesiae doctorum ex his posse illustrari.
The task before the committee of seven bishops and as many college and university presidents is to incorporate canon laws dealing with Catholic education and, more broadly, the vision set by Pope John Paul II in his 1990 apostolic constitution, Ex Corde Ecclesiae.
The unsatisfactory dialogue between Catholic colleges and the Roman Curia throughout the seventies and eighties resulted in an Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae (Out of the Heart of the Church) in 1990.
Campi's project to revise the Proper Offices of saints, Officia propria sanctorum ecclesiae placentinae, celebrated specifically by the Piacentine Church, has to be put in this context.
Students can attend a fully Catholic college that adheres to the principles set forth by the Holy See in Ex Corde Ecclesiae," he said, "and take advantage of the excellent liberal arts and sciences degree programs at Trinity Western at the same time.
There is no more willingness here than in the States to accept the Church's Apostolic Constitution on universities, Ex Corde Ecclesiae.
La doctrina de los elementa Ecclesiae permitio el transito del plano subjetivo individual de los cristianos separados (el votum de Mystici Corporis) al plano objetivo de la real eclesialidad, aunque imperfecta, presente <<fuera>> de la Iglesia Catolica.