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ECCLESIASTICAL. Belonging to, or set apart for the church; as, distinguished from civil or secular. Vide Church.

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The combination of pious, political, and leisure activities marks the popular uprising as an ecclesiastically approved kind of political struggle-cum-all-night-revelry.
Since conspiracy theories were rife about decisions being made by our "New York Office," I turned to history to show how partnership with churches ecclesiastically independent of us had become not merely politically correct but necessary if those churches were to have a credible witness in newly independent countries.
Others within American Orthodox churches, however, have taken a more ecclesiastically libertarian view of removing the church from the business of civil marriage or a subsidiarist view of letting states decide.
Marian apparitions occurred in different parts of Catholic Europe over almost a century, and nine have been ecclesiastically recognized as worthy of "pious belief.
The editors did not organize the collection chronologically, because they emphasize, quite correctly that there wasn't a canonically approved or ecclesiastically sanctioned single funerary rite in early Buddhism, so there is little point in looking for an "original death ritual [in Buddhist history and texts, jm] and then look[ing] at the local variations that have evolved" (p.
In two final chapters, "The Aesthetics of the Church" and "Aesthetics and Social Transformation," Dyrness provides practical guidance through the long Christian tradition for Protestants who crave ecclesiastically and scripturally grounded resources for richer, more affective and more literate daily Christian disciplines.
139) In an attempt to frame the dispute as ecclesiastical, and off limits to civil courts, (140) Heartland argued Gashland's Articles of Agreement, which specified that Gashland was "connected with and ecclesiastically subject to" PCUSA, established that Gashland agreed to be bound by all of the provisions of the denomination's present and future constitutions.
These will balance a variety of factors, which might include the secular counseling approaches and techniques one prefers, the research on a particular disorder that might suggest a particular evidence-based treatment for a particular disorder, the ecclesiastically and theologically derived techniques the psychotherapist and the client are both comfortable with, and the client's objectives and goals (i.
Shaped by this ecclesiastically transmitted knowledge, Christians can then interpret the situation in the world correctly; for the story of Scripture actually applies to all people, although not everyone acknowledges it.
In the decades after World War II and decolonialization, Asia and other places in the global South became contested ground for influence, both politically and ecclesiastically.
Baptists demonstrate a shared identity that binds them together historically, ecclesiastically, and theologically, a set of core ideals that distinguish them as a second-generation Reformation, Free Church people.