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ECCLESIASTIC. A clergyman; one destined to the divine ministry, as, a bishop, a priest, a deacon. Dom. Lois Civ. liv. prel. t. 2, s. 2, n. 14.

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Yet Hinze does not react to the damage done to the ecclesiology of the people of God with an attack on communion theology He acknowledges, in fact, that communion ecclesiology with its stress on the unity of the church, is also an important part of Vatican II teaching.
In doing so, he cites a number of his fellow evangelical theologians who have written books on ecclesiology from a Trinitarian perspective, in particular Stanley Grenz and Miroslav Volf.
Best and Martin Robra, namely Ecclesiology and Ethics: Ecumenical Ethical Engagement, Moral Formation and the Nature of the Church (Geneva: World Council of Churches, 1997).
Beal brings unpublished archival materials into dialogue with Congar's early published works to make a credible case that his studies on diverse topics were united in representing various components of what he intended to add up to a "total ecclesiology.
In fact, the term liberation ecclesiology was first used by the Mexican Jesuit, Alvaro Quiroz Magana (b.
Using this volume in the classroom will clarify for readers that Orthodox theologians, by reacting to ecclesiological developments related with Vatican I and Vatican II, developed their own Orthodox ecclesiology.
These statements are about the meaning and purpose of the church or, to use the technical term, ecclesiology.
Since the authors claim that, "ecclesiology arises from a theological situatedness in the church," (Ward, 3) there is an insistence that you--the people of the church--have privileged access to ecclesiology and theology.
The "obstinate" insistence by the Free Church that its ecclesiology is distinct from that of a mass church (Volkskirche) blocks the way to church unity (81).
What makes this volume special, however, is that in its first half the book collects previously published works--considered classics in the field of missiology, ecclesiology, and ecumenism--from some of the most respected theologians and missiologists in the Orthodox world's recent past and present.
In God's custody; the church, a history of divine protection; a study of John Calvin's ecclesiology based on his commentary on the minor prophets.
Spiritual Architecture and Paradise Regained: Milton's Literary Ecclesiology.