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Diagnostic value for suspicious nodal characteristics was estimated using reference categories, selected according to the prevailing echo-characteristics of benign LNs (oval shape, regular margins, regular vascularization, echoic central portion with thickened cortex, benign impression).
Whereas the echoic typically involves the vocal musculature in verbal learning, learning to play an instrument simply involves different musculature.
The intracapsular space showed echoic findings (arrow).
15 Due to hyper-echogenicity of the solid brain tumours compared to normal echoic brain tissue IOUS can be used to localise and delineate the residual tumour from normal brain tissue thus achieving complete tumour resection and avoiding damage to normal brain parenchyma.
Our Lady of the Flowers, Echoic feels less taboo than Genet's novel undoubtedly was when it was first published in 1943.
The rapid learning of the use of plurals through echoic training (vocal imitation) and reinforcement contingent on correct responses raised the question of whether the participant had already learned some grammatical behaviors as a listener and, through reinforcement, speaker behaviors were easily learned.
Otherwise, they fail due to the following difficulties: 1) in echoic mixtures, the delays estimated (especially) for low frequencies are significantly disturbed; 2) even in anechoic mixtures, the WDO assumption (disjoint orthogonal of sources in the frequency domain) is not fully satisfied (especially in the low frequency band).