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Touche eclat is my go-to concealer ( for under the eyes, around the lips and on the temples and cheekbones - and have you tried blending it into your skin with a bronzing brush?
Art knows something about this eclat and the violence with which it is intertwined.
Then in 1992 along came Touche Eclat, the cult product which is still THE best seller for the brand; to be followed in 2006 by the first brush foundation, Perfect Touch.
Although both are based in Ireland, Aer Lingus and Ryanair would be uncomfortable bedfellows, said Randy Babbitt, chief executive of aviation advisory firm Eclat Consulting.
The report was prepared by Eclat Consulting and Ricondo & Associates.
uk Origins Ginger with a Twist spritzer is a great invigorating pickme-up to keep your loved one in the party mood throughout the Christmas holiday (pounds 25Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Nacre for the woman who loves Touche Eclat.
1 Although we bring these wonders to you in no particular order, it is right and proper that Touche Eclat is mentioned first.
RESULTS, OFFSHORE IRC: 1 Turbulent Flo(D Hughes); OFFSHORE PY: 1 Eclat (J Walsby-Tickle); FALCON: 1 Aquila (J Corkhill) 2 Phoenix (M Mayhew) 3 Hawk (J Burthem); SQUIB: 1 Cybi (R Roberts) 2 Con Brio (B Mather) 3 Greenfly (J Stead); MYLNE: 1 Mercator (J Smith) 2 Mersey (S Collings) 3 Merlin (R Brennan); FIFE: 1 Starlight II (M Hughes) 2 Siglen (H Mattocks) 3 Siglen II (J Brooke); CONWAY OD: 1 Acushla (P Roberts) 2 Margaret (P Kraus) 3 Minnie (G Booth); MENAI OD: 1 Britannia (A Elvidge) 2 Gwylan (R Beer).
Exhilarative accomplishments, well fleshed characters, a splendidly masterminded storyline: writer Welch proffers a razor sharp, focused narrative with drollery and eclat in this thrill packed work.
It achieved some eclat, being included in a small volume of Clement's two Letters to the Corinthians, the format in which it was read by the Byzantine Patriarch Photius, who praises both his style and wisdom.
Je me prepare a sortir de ce siecle dans un eclat de rite
Orpheus's apotheosis, understood as the aesthetic eclat or brilliance of ode-writing, enjoyed special prominence in mid-Renaissance France in the hands of poets such as Baif, Belleau, Denisot, Des Autels, Du Bellay, Grevin, Jodelle, Magny, Ronsard, and Tyard.