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Eamonn O'Loughlin, founder of the Eclectic Hotel Group, said: "Without the support and commitment of our many fantastic employees over the past 20 years none of this would have been possible.
With an emphasis on a mix of textures, strong focal points and negative space, including empty shelves and tables, eclectic style can be as much about minimalism as mad combinations.
Victoria Rose is an eclectic writer of fiction and nonfiction with fifteen books to her credit, all of which can be found on Amazon.
"I had searched for a local furniture maker who could make a pedestal table base and Robert (Robert Knauer, owner of Sawhorse) was the best option I found who could do it," said Ann King, owner of Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals.
Eclectic Bar said that Brighton Pier, which is on the on the South East coast of the UK, is profitable and cash-generative.
Bull Bay February Eclectic Medal: 1 K Thomas 85-15-70, 2 A Stewart 87-17-70, 3 A Jones 79-9-70.
Maesdu - Saturday Eclectic: 1 D Roe 38pts, 2 N Davies 37pts.
I've dressed the Vega Mondo Sideboard with an eclectic range of accessories, including the Corrugated Vase in black and bronze and the super-stylish Copper Capsule Table Lamp.
Both bar applications have been made by Eclectic Bars, whose website describes Lola Lo as "an intimate Tiki bar, which will transport you to a tropical oasis where the party Your views Email us goes on and on".
The eclectic and quirky nature of FarGo is the ideal place for me to start this business...
Decked out in an eclectic and retro array of furnishings The Scene is reminiscent of New Yorks meat packing district or East End London's hip-hangout Hoxton.
World travelers are all about eclectic interiors, which serve to show off the trophies of their globe-trotting.