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Gestefeld's Church of the New Thought emerged over against Eddy's, self-identifying as an eclectically Christian-oriented organization in which the Bible provided confirmation of Gestefeld's teachings but was not their source or authority, the God within was equated with the God without, and imagination trumped revelation.
Eclectically bizarre, these stories are unified by Nutting's deadpan prose, which skewers human vanity ranging from celebrity culture to environmental neglect.
Not only is his material eclectically well-choreographed but the methodological pluralism Wacquant deploys is an important theoretical innovation in and of itself--not only claiming that an analysis of one side of the penal/welfare nexus must necessarily include the other, but insisting on a combined materialist and symbolic approach.
Given that the KJV was in progress but not available when Lanyer was writing her poem, what translation might have served to authorize her meditations on the eve of 16117 Focusing on the poem's treatment of the episode of the agony in the garden, this paper traces Lanyer's choice of words unique to specific English translations available in 1610 and concludes that the poet drew eclectically on translations from a variety of traditions--the Bishops' Bible in some places, Geneva in others--suggesting that just as the poet created her poem from episodes unique to each of the Gospel accounts, so she also felt free to use whichever translation fit her needs rather than adhering strictly to one (ideologically-informed?
These ideas, which frame the narrative, do not get much explicit airing, and this may lead some readers to see the book's detail as eclectically selected.
Part 2, "Culture: Bodies, Desires, and Sexual Identities," ranges eclectically across diverse contexts, from the academy to the church and popular evangelical culture, to AIDS in Africa and the ambivalent attractions of hip-hop for white U.
and eclectically, from a variety of theoretical sources, and the result is an appropriately nuanced account of peacemaking that smartly frustrates traditional boundaries.
Though he eclectically draws from reliable published sources, much of Gormley's information is derived from personal interviews, and these accounts inform and contextualize.
The W Hotel, Doha employs hand-picked art deco furniture pieces, eclectically mismatched art, a myriad of cushions and lighting to create a relaxed expression of style and sophistication with the casual elegance of a well appointed living room", says interior designer and hospitality interiors specialist Sumeet Nath.
Marriage & family therapy largely was derived eclectically from behavioral and cognitive psychology, with many of the original founders being psychoanalytically trained (Gurman & Fraenkel, 2002).
As their motifs and inscriptions indicate (borrowed eclectically from Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism among others), they unashamedly reference the spiritual.