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and eclectically, from a variety of theoretical sources, and the result is an appropriately nuanced account of peacemaking that smartly frustrates traditional boundaries.
One of Vargas Llosa's heroes is Isaiah Berlin, the liberal thinker and Oxford philosopher, about whom Vargas Llosa has published a number of eloquent essays focusing especially on the duality of the hedgehog and the fox, which, according to Berlin, represent the two ways of approaching the world: one boiling down everything to a single idea, the other looking at things eclectically. Equally attractive to Vargas Llosa is Berlin's concept of negative liberty, in which humans are free insofar as their freedom doesn't curtail that of others.
Though he eclectically draws from reliable published sources, much of Gormley's information is derived from personal interviews, and these accounts inform and contextualize.
Its Marketplace stores are smaller in size than multidepartment stores but more eclectically merchandised than combos.
On economic matters, he drew eclectically from contending theories--modernization, structuralism, dependency and the East Asian "catch-up" model.
As their motifs and inscriptions indicate (borrowed eclectically from Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism among others), they unashamedly reference the spiritual.
"It's very eclectically flavoured music but the terms that I have heard to describe it that I like are baroque pop or urban folk, but there are also some jazz inflections in there too to confuse the issue," he offers of Forgive This Day, which will be released on Still Small Voice, a label he formed with his producer Gethin John.
Congregations eclectically mixed Orthodox and Conservative, and Conservative and Reform.
He has shared his gift through music which has lead him to win numerous awards and the creation of his album 'Eclectically Yours'.
Believing that there is some truth in economists' belief in universal laws and some in sociological critiques complaining about the perils of ignoring the uniqueness of individual and cultural behavior, the authors offer this text as a step towards a behavioral economics that eclectically borrows from economics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and social science in order to better understand the motivations of economic actors.
Many now combine antiques with modern upholstery or fabrics and mix periods eclectically, perhaps juxtaposing a contemporary picture with a 17th century piece of furniture."
Many combine antiques with modern upholstery or fabrics and mix periods eclectically juxtaposing a contemporary picture with a 17th century piece of furniture.