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In what follows, I examine eclecticism by showing how it answers a specific question: whether government ought to be able to single out religious actors and entities for exclusion from its support programs without violating the Constitution.
Eclecticism as an Internal Solution to a Postcolonial Identity Crisis
I have to accept somewhere that I'm very disconnected, with different histories," she remarks about her eclecticism.
The eclecticism of John's tastes is exhibited in one of his formative disc acquisitions.
True statements of impressive eclecticism with the added blessing of Afro-Caribbean rhythms keep the listeners and the dancers in check from the opening track to the end of the recording.
Combining guitar-based rock with a more experimental electronic sound, the band's influences range from the bluesy rock of the Rolling Stones to the eclecticism and grandeur of Pink Floyd.
And while such eclecticism is certainly no mean feat, by restaging historical models, Beech unwittingly only replaces the originals' resonance with the self-conscious "difference" of their descendents.
This eclecticism is purposeful; the heterogeneous formal and material language of the new extension, together with its visually open social spaces, endows the Walker with a democratic sense of accessibility for artists and public alike.
Strategic eclecticism is set forth as a basis from which to use divergent theories and techniques within narrative therapy, a process-oriented model informed by postmodernism.
As her main protagonist retraces the steps of her predecessors, the author writes with her soul in musical evocations as well as in the musicality and eclecticism of her melodious, rhythmic and sensual prose filled with rhymes, repetitions and musical echoes, embracing the Blues and the Jazz in the vein of Jean Toomer, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin or Ishmael Reed.
The show was created for top-quality dealers and designers (80 participating this year) to demonstrate the art of combining rare antiques with contemporary art and furnishings, creating unique styles of eclecticism.