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In this issue, we hope to show you how we can come together within the movement of Ecological Economics.
In today's ecology the growing attention is attracted to the problem of determining the ecological status of species and biocenoses in relation to particular abiotic factors.
Undertake Ecological responsibility: Ecological responsibility is the awakening of the consequences of the ecological crisis of the human experience for the industrial civilization in the ignorance.
Under the ecological green equivalent concept, traditional land use patterns can be divided into three categories (Zhao et al.
Essentially, ecological validity is the ability of an assessment to measure, collect, and/or record behaviors or occupational performance that would be observed or is required in a typical daily living context or environment (Crist, 2014a).
The main contribution of the book is the guidance provided--mainly in chapters 3 and 4--on how to approach a study of ecological sustainability in the context of NTFP harvesting.
For educators, a way to build a child's sense of self within nature is to engage in ecological literacy (Orr, 1992).
State organisations are implicated in different ways in the process of ecological destruction.
In chapter 5, "Ecological Symbolic Action: Restoration as Sacramental Practice," the author proposes that "a symbolic interpretation of concrete ecological acts such as restoration, and the direct experiences they may yield, are integral to the formation of cultural environmental values" (146).
But, as a sometime-member of the 'in-crowd' to which Morton refers, I found The ecological thought a compulsive read.
Chamorro and Banegil argue that green marketing philosophy means the way to conceive exchange relationships that goes beyond the current needs of the consumers: the environment should become one of the determining values of the organizational culture of the firm (to get the whole firm to be ecological (1) the marketing managers play a fundamental role).
Piling up ecological deficits is just as concerning as piling up financial deficits - both have consequences for future generations," said Rashid Sumaila, director of the UBC Fisheries Centre.