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Instead of trying to resurrect the outdated logging practices that got us into this fix, Oregonians need to build a new economically and ecologically sustainable future.
The debates on the ecologically friendly manure would sound funny if Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory
Governments have failed to recognise the seriousness of our environmental problems, and the need for ecologically sustainable resource management.
Thus, the potential to expand the industry leaves the doors open for a whole bioenergy industry that is ecologically friendly to the environment, uses renewable resources and lessens the dependency on fossil fuels.
Maathai stands at the front of the fight to promote ecologically viable social, economic and cultural development in Kenya and in Africa.
This project represents yet another threat to an ecologically sensitive area of the state," Courtney E.
Land application of mill residues is silviculturally beneficial, economically sensible, ecologically sustainable and, environmentally responsible.
A close look at the genre of fantasy itself can reveal how apt it is in terms of conveying ecologically sensitive motifs.
As a building material, bamboo has many incredible properties its resilient, flexible, durable and ecologically sound.
They're ecologically correct, come in five scents, and can fit in your pocket (they're also perfect for an impromptu rendezvous).
It's the only ecologically friendly resort in the Caribbean, offering three miles of white-sand beaches and seven natural lakes.
Apaza attributes much of El Ceibos success to the lucrative specialty market interested in paying higher prices for products grown in an ecologically sound manner.

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