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Our hope is for human ecology to be recognized for its unique and important role in agricultural and rural development,' he added.
Based on the literatures retrieved from CNKI, and compare the literature to other communication subfields such as media geography, media scale, media sex, media hegemony, media ecology has shown traits of maturity as a sub-discipline.
This is where "Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction" by Paul Robbins comes in: it establishes itself as an important and much needed primary "handbook" for those first tackling the field of political ecology, as well as an essential reading for those seasoned veterans in the research field who wish for a panoramic look at the discipline.
Hanns Reiter (1885) appears to have been the first to combine the Greek words oikos (house) and logos (study of) to form the term ecology (Egerton, 1977).
This is confirmed by Desrochers (2002, 2007) who discusses historical manifestations of Industrial Ecology and Industrial Symbiosis (1).
Krebs' forthcoming 592-page book--The Ecological World View--is set to become a new 'bible' for ecology students.
Lance Strate, an associate professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University, the president and co-founder of the Media Ecology Association, and an occasional contributor to ETC, has provided with this book the first comprehensive overview of the field of media ecology and an intriguing case study concerning the relationship between modes of communication and construction of the self.
Ecology applauds Calpine for bringing lower-polluting fuel to the local community," said Ecology air quality engineer Lynnette Haller.
I believe Deep Ecology has captured what should be our relationship to the Natural world.
During the 1990s the new ecology theology people spent much of their time trying to repackage the Book of Genesis and the scholasticism of thirteenth-century Europe.
Collection events provide a convenient and affordable outlet for hard-to-recycle items and ensure that the materials are handled in a manner that protects human health and the environment," Steven Williams, who helps administer grants for the Department of Ecology, says.
The BSc ecology and conservation degree has been running under various titles for more than 10 years.