economic downfall

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I like her background and I like that she's looked at why we lost the last General Election and that is a) we had the wrong leader and b) economic competence - people didn't trust us, they still blamed us for the world-wide economic downfall and the Tories ran a huge campaign against us and we were not robust enough to shut it down.
Islamabad -- The FPCCI Businessman Panel on Tuesday expressed fear of economic downfall over falling exports which was adding to budget deficit and poverty.
Throughout our 125Caeyear history, the Bank has endured and survived the great depression, numerous wars, and most recently, the economic downfall of 2008.
These stories show how these people reacted to their life savings being grabbed from them, while also focusing on the economic facts, the history of the Cyprus market, and crowds of local people protesting the economic downfall, while also standing up for their children's financial future.
With the economic downfall, it is becoming about quality and not quantity.
Recent economic downfall in Greece as well as positive changes in the local economy in Albania has brought back many former immigrants.
Among the topics to be discussed include: Seismic Assessment of Existing Buildings; Impact Resistance of Concrete; Advanced Materials for Quality Construction; and, How to Survive the Construction Economic Downfall in Lebanon.
A mythology of the 1970s as a decade when working-class people's greed caused the economic downfall of the country has been unquestioningly accepted by many historians and politicians," says Dr Todd.
The key topics to be discussed at the conference include seismic assessment of existing buildings; impact resistance of concrete; advanced materials for quality construction; and how to survive the construction economic downfall in Lebanon.
Kevin Farfan said, "There's strength in numbers regardless of the recent economic downfall the American dream is still alive and we the American people have the power to change and better our future, if we stand together and support each other in keeping this great country's American Dream Alive
Otherwise be prepared for an abundance of blood that will be spilt in your country, economic downfall and displacement.
7-19), author Charles Davidson explores the economic downfall of the South's rural areas and the uncertain future that many rural counties face.

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