economic downfall

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In this context, chances of another cut cannot be ruled out and the same would be disastrous for Middle Eastern countries who are still recovering from the earlier global economic downfall.
Despite being challenged by the economic downfall which hindered most companies and business to advertise with the Southern Advertiser, Mr Maphakela said he fought the battle by venturing into another line of trade, supply which boosted everyday business transactions.
Demanding to discuss law and order situation in province at Sindh assembly, they demanded to bring an end to every kind of violence and repression and to ensure peaceful atmosphere by protecting human rights of citizens as they said due to economic downfall Sindh was becoming more poor culminating to increase in violence and extremism.
Hudson department store, whose 1983 closing epitomized Detroits economic downfall.
Of course such negligence by the government will cost the country its freedom of thought, voice, action, economic downfall and rear a new breed of mindset which will affect not only the locals but the entire region.
21, 1983, simply quickened the economic downfall of the Philippines under Marcos.
The economic downfall aggravated the labor and working classes.
He added that, Pakistan had to borrow to cover expenses to a very large percentage and the budget was being spent on debt services which was an economic downfall for Pakistan.
ErdoAaAaAeAaan had repeatedly blamed the country's coalition governments f Turkey's economic downfall and instability.
He said Pakistan has gone through difficult times, facing a flurry of problems such as economic downfall and terrorism.
Retailers now caught in the economic downfall are aggressively pursuing consumers by offering exceptional deals on Cyber Monday and all through Cyber Week.
unusual and peculiar circumstances in recent past, such as terrorism, law and order situation etc, has acquired serious dimensions of economic downfall and public disorder.

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