economic prosperity

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Support for this project is one way the Government of Canada is working to achieve its Atlantic Growth Strategy outcome of long-term economic prosperity in the region.
He said the youth should be trained in agriculture enterprise development for the economic prosperity of the nation.
The government would set a roadmap to generate robust economic activity, increase exports to $30 billion and fulfil the premier's vision of economic prosperity through exports, the chairman said.
Speaking at a meeting on Friday, he urged the government to set a road map for the next four years to produce robust economic activity and boost exports to $30 billion in a bid to fulfil prime minister's vision of economic prosperity.
'The plan encapsulates the vision and achievable goals bearing in mind the fact that no nation can attain rapid transformation and economic prosperity without a sound, stable and viable educational system.
'If you observe properly, the council's thinking is more on the economic prosperity especially that we have reclassified many of our areas,' Lopez noted in an interview.
has a wider vision than any other commercial bank to cater to women's economic needs and to encourage them into trade, business, industry and the practice of their professions to promote economic prosperity and self reliance in women of urban and rural areas.'
When asked about their confidence level for economic prosperity in 2019, 38 percent of respondents said they have "low" confidence or "expect a recession" in the year ahead.
For Pakistan's economic prosperity, the President said that focus towards Maritime sector, its development and security is not a matter of choice rather a compulsion.
He emphasized that the activation of MAP is a matter of stability that leads to security, new investments and economic prosperity of BiH.
Rakan Al-Nisf, head of the Kuwaiti delegation partaking in the 11th session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), themed "Boosting economic prosperity in Asia, was speaking during the conference.
The Prime Minister spoke about the work ministers are doing to "create more good jobs and spread economic prosperity across the country" as Britain prepares to leave European Union.

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