economic prosperity

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development and economic prosperity will enhance a state's power and strengthen national security.
He said he was well-aware of the problem of business community and citing that economic prosperity of the country was directly connected with prosperity of the business community.
Governor Zubair pointed out that after restoration of peace, the government was working on the agenda to bring economic prosperity to Sindh for which different development projects of billions of rupees were apprAoved in different districts.
The Sindh governor said that after restoration of peace and security,Sindh province was moving in the right direction with an agenda of economic prosperity.
The Government Forum 2016, the first of its kind in Bahrain will be held on September 18 and will bring together ministers and officials from across government to explore ways in which even greater sustainable diversification and economic prosperity can be delivered.
Margo presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the potential for ongoing economic prosperity, arguing that acceleration through stimulus is beyond the ability of central banks and governments.
But investment, leadership and urgency are the key ingredients for turning northern powerhouse rhetoric into national economic prosperity.
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal Ramesh Nth Pandey stressed the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation among SRC countries to gain more economic prosperity.
BEIRUT: The creation of new job opportunities is key to achieving economic prosperity, said Mohammad Choucair, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry Friday.
People in the Leeds City Region are set to benefit from a new partnership that will help boost economic prosperity and quality of life for local people and close financial inequalities across England.
The former head of supermarket giant Sainsbury's said he made the donation because he believed Labour was the only party committed to social justice and economic prosperity.
In one of the most comprehensive studies of the nonprofit arts and culture industry, Americans for the Arts conducted the "Arts & Economic Prosperity III: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences" study to help community leaders learn that investing in the arts provides cultural and economic benefits.