economic resources

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Contract notice: Maintenance of the economic resources management system (greco) of the regional government of castilla-la mancha, Co-financed with feder funds (2014-2020) - 1701to18ser00002
An influx will only push up house prices for the ones who have less economic resources.
The resolution demands also "an immediate freeze financing resources of / Daash / and / Al-Qaada / and their assets, does not allow direct or indirect weapon's supply for them, and to take an active and drastic measures to stop the funds and other financial assets and economic resources directed to individuals and organizations .
This regime contains a packet of sanctions including travel ban, asset freeze and a prohibition on economic resources directly or indirectly available to Daesh, the spokesperson said.
Gumaa said the Conference will seek solutions through axes of policies and legislations, structures and relations, human, financial and economic resources and services besides the regional and international experiences.
CHINA'S attempt to bail out Pakistan from being under a watch list of the Financial Action Task Force ( FATF) has failed as India pressed for freezing of economic resources and properties of Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim and Zaki- ur- Rehman Lakhvi under provisions of the United Nations Security Council ( UNSC).
TUNIS (TAP) - The results of a survey on the "situation of women in rural areas," presented Monday in Tunis revealed that 32% of rural women cannot read or write and that only 19% of them have their own economic resources.
2) However, Cleveland [1909] advocated the use of an economic resources approach for operating statements of municipalities that would measure revenues and expenses.
The statement indicated that Council Regulation (EC) No 2580/2001 of 27 December 2001 provides for a freezing of all funds, other financial assets and economic resources belonging to the persons, groups and entities concerned and that no funds, other financial assets and economic resources may be made available to them, whether directly or indirectly.
the allocations are part of the Abu dhabi government's efforts to diversify its economic resources and reduce dependence on oil and gas revenues.
Diwaniya is one of the poorest provinces in Iraq and it lacks economic resources and does not have any tourist or economic resources, and the budget allocated to the province (210 billion) is not enough to fulfill its needs.
The EU Court of Justice ruled, on 21 December, that acts relating to the supply and installation of a sintering furnace in working condition in Iran are prohibited as they are considered as economic resources made illegal in a 2007 Council of the EU regulation (Case C-72/11).

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