economic resources

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Khartoum, August 6 (SUNA) - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's Ambassador to Sudan, Mahmoud al-Khaza'leh, has said that there were excellent relations between the two countries, pointing to the huge economic resources enjoyed by Sudan, the most important of which are the agricultural projects, mainly the Gezira Scheme and other natural resources such as Water, minerals and oil.
The national economy could only be improved to the optimal level if tax net was further widened and the economy be documented so that economic resources could be fully utilized for national development, the minister concluded.
He was briefed that the KP government was focusing on economic resources.
Although Taiwan's rankings are down in terms of its overall power and in three other categories in the index, its performance in economic resources and defense networks have improved, owning to progress in its score for technology, says the report.
More measures to freeze funds and economic resources against 40 individuals accused of terrorism were taken by the commission.
The defendants face charges of committing acts that endanger society''s safety, security and economic resources, as well as the crime of committing acts that change the state''s economic structure or endanger the society''s basic conditions.
Bengali told that Sindh is the land of opportunities and economic resources. However, owing to poor planning and lack of interests on the part of government, these resources are wasted without yielding proper benefits to people.
Hassan Abdel Rahman al-Ibrahim, assistant secretary-general of the National Tourism Council said, "Promoting tourism is one of Qatar's national priorities, and part of the state's plan for diversification of economic resources. The College of Law is keen to consider tourism sector from a legal perspective, and in consolidating Qatar's presence as a state-of-the-art tourist destination with historical and cultural roots.
Kurdistan Regional Government President Nechirvan Barzani discussed with US Assistant Secretary of State Marshall Blingsley the coordination of regional and the Center governments with allies, especially the United States, aimed at eliminating violence and drying up the financial and economic resources of extremist groups.
IANS | New York Besides economic resources, parents' autonomy in the workplace can help boost the health of their children, suggests a research.
It seems that the Lebanese citizen has totally surrendered under the weight of seven long years of geopolitical turmoil, which has depleted our self-confidence and enthusiasm along with our economic resources and infrastructure.
"Food waste is an unethical misuse of valuable natural and economic resources. I have made the fight against food waste one of my priorities," he said.

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