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If the buyer is not relying on connecting Point A to Point B or will realize no economic use from purchasing the property, then it seems what was a corridor is now just a narrow strip of land.
Exploration Expansion: Economic use of Uch gas will open new areas of Pakistan to exploration and development.
Where property is physically occupied by the public it is clear the owner must be compensated, as is true when all economic use has been restricted to render the property valueless, unless the use was historically considered a threat to the public.
The market value definition also implicitly assumes that a property having a market value is a commodity with an economic use traded in a market of private real property rights.
Still, hundreds of acres of land in the country side lie under-utilised and proponents of Idle Land Tax argue that such a levy will push landowners to immediately find economic uses for their unused properties.
ExxonMobil and Global Thermostat are also exploring opportunities to identify economic uses for captured carbon dioxide.
In addition to its natural beauty and spiritual value, the rose has medical, cosmetic and economic uses as its products are considered a vital source of income for farmers of the village who work throughout winter to prepare the lands for planting in spring.
"We have also been working with the landowners and their agents to promote sustainable future economic uses for the site, and will continue to do so until the successful sale."
"We have made tremendous progress in finding economic uses for spent pot lining, which is a challenge for our industry around the world," Kalban said.
The meeting discussed the initial preparation for the auction of some public sites that have been allocated for different economic uses.
the different economic uses. The public auction is expected to begin
"Finding economic uses for bauxite residue is a challenge for our industry globally," Abdullah Al Zarouni, EGA's Vice-President of Technology Development and Transfer.