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If the buyer is not relying on connecting Point A to Point B or will realize no economic use from purchasing the property, then it seems what was a corridor is now just a narrow strip of land.
Exploration Expansion: Economic use of Uch gas will open new areas of Pakistan to exploration and development.
Where property is physically occupied by the public it is clear the owner must be compensated, as is true when all economic use has been restricted to render the property valueless, unless the use was historically considered a threat to the public.
The market value definition also implicitly assumes that a property having a market value is a commodity with an economic use traded in a market of private real property rights.
TAP) -- Three Tunisian laboratories specialised in development of metrology techniques destined to industrial and economic uses, on Friday, received the 1st three National Metrology Awards 2017.
On land supply for economic uses, Mr Wong noted that the Government plans to put up an industrial site in Tsuen Wan for sale in the next quarter.
Meantime, to achieve the highest standards of responsibility, we must also find economic uses for our spent pot lining internationally," Kalban said.
This volume contains 11 essays on the role of maritime strategy in creating and sustaining global order, as reflected in the movement of goods, money, and people on the sea, and how the military, political, and economic uses of the sea contribute to peace, the integration of the world economy, and the conduct of war.
He added: "Unless a more proactive approach is taken, every vacant site in the city centre risks being turned into student blocks and other economic uses will be forced out.
A more enlightened and forward-thinking city council would cherish Birmingham's best midcentury building by its best architect, and find new economic uses for it now the books have left.
A mixture of economic uses - houses, shops, pubs, industry - in characterful buildings grouped together to make legible streets.
The competition, , which was launched at the 2014 Government Summit by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was intended to encourage the development of positive humanitarian and economic uses of drones.