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2], the CES technology seems the best and most economical to produce pure C[O.
Shareholders such as Air France-KLM, which presently maintains a 25 % share in Alitalia, have until the middle of Nov to choose whether or not to join in the economical commitment improve.
But this structure isn't the only candidate for the most economical way of packaging a pair of identical volumes.
Unlike some of the cheap, flimsy cars of past decades, consumers can now get solid economical transportation with many of the luxury features found in more expensive vehicles--from sophisticated automatic transmissions to power windows and door locks.
These three suggestions are not necessarily the most economical cars but they are very frugal on fuel and also happen to be great value at the moment.
A economical water-bath series will be coming soon.
It is much more economical, by $14 million, it is not just my feelings, those are the hard numbers," Boshcoff says.
A utilitarian building is given nobility by the economical and spare manipulation of wood to make a carapace round a steel structure of equal direct elegance.
New DSP-Based IC Now in Production for Economical CD and DVD Recorders and DVD Players
According to Director of McKinsey Global Institute Richard Dobbs,Kazakhstan needs to entice extra economical investments value $80 billion over the next 7 years to accomplish a seven-percent development of GDP.
Valuable advice from Economical Insurance before you go
TOYOTA YARIS (1999-present) Economical, spacious, practical and now cheaper.

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