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The economically inactive have signing on as a benchmark of progress.
Economically, the different resin types are not typically sorted in the United States, but can be sorted where the cost of labor is much lower and where health and safety standards may not be as stringent as they are in the United States.
The research that indicates that, in terms of deference to authority and "individualism," the economically advancing Developing-World countries are on average far from those in the First World but almost identical to other Developing-World countries.
Some states were failing to award projects in economically distressed areas," Towns said in a statement.
Economically inactive in the UK means a smaller car possibly, a few less drinks maybe, and only a medium package with a TV supplier.
The regulations may also specify the circumstances under which an employer s compliance should be determined with reference to the demographic profile of either the national economically active population or the regional economically active population.
As illustrated in Figure 3, for projects up to a size of S3, the NB is positive and therefore economically desirable.
A year ago, for example, a group of university heads and corporate chief executives called the Business-Higher Education Forum noted taht "the government must be careful not to stimulate an industry before it is economically feasible to do so.
A seed money grant from the OPC for this fund will allow low-interest loans to be made to California fishing communities, groups, and businesses to assist them with a transition to environmentally and economically sustainable fishing practices.
Surveys of Economically Active Population, Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment: An ILO Manual on Concepts and Methods.
Economically disadvantaged youth, age 16 and 17, employed as summer workers between May 1 and Sept.
It then determines which of the available machines will run the job most economically.

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