economically imprudent

See: profligate
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The decision to build an oil refinery in Akon was economically imprudent partly because building an oil refinery is not simple, and it costs billions of dollars let alone building it further away from the oilfields.
These factors, coupled with a challenging leasing environment, led the MBA board to conclude that continued ownership of 1331 L Street was economically imprudent and over the long term would impair MBA's ability to continue providing our members with MBA's full range of services.
On this point, as noted earlier, we are pleased that the Company has agreed to hire a major consulting firm immediately to undertake the critical analysis of all of the Company's current and planned SG&A and R&D spending, with the goal of materially cutting back on both if they are deemed to be economically imprudent.
Under our civil justice system, juries--the conscience and the voice of consumers--make it economically imprudent to sell dangerously defective Firestone tires, or cars with exploding gas tanks.
The obvious question facing us is how can something so economically imprudent last for so long?
From a business standpoint, it is economically imprudent for us to continue production and marketing of Matilda Bay," said Thomas Koehler, vice president of sales, Miller Brewing Co.
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