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To make the treaty complete, therefore, it should be amended so that those economies experiencing corporate debt repayment are not only exempted from the 3 percent deficit limit but are also required to put in sufficient fiscal stimulus to keep their excess savings problems from spilling beyond their borders.
The lessons of history are clear: market economies, not command-and-control economies with the heavy hand of government, are the best way to promote prosperity and reduce poverty.
The point of focusing on the extent of a country's domestic market is to move his argument from an exposition on how economies develop to his own explanation for why economies grow.
And, alternatively, could the tension between gift and economy then be seen as a handle that hints at the many shapes economies might take?
One of the biggest stories in Asian economies is Japan's slow-to-negative growth in the 1990s.
economic downturn would slow imports, impacting the economies of Southeast Asia, Latin and South America and Canada.
The most affected emerging East Asian economies, despite the sharp contraction in their economic output during the past year, have retraced, on average, only one-sixth of their per capita growth over the past ten years.
In contrast, the OECD report expresses the need for government to adopt public policies that will encourage the development of learning economies that contribute to social cohesion in the face of global forces that are leading to a deterioration in the living standards of the underskilled.
The gamble is that, in a world of rapid transportation and communication, unregulated corporate economies can deliver steady economic progress.
The economies of ASEAN countries continued to grow, led by Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.
In all leading OECD economies savings ratios were falling and debt-income ratios rising as people were encouraged to borrow more in order to spend more.

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