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9 requirements for efficiency and economisation with multiple frame sizes with varying voltages and phases to address the cooling needs of any data centre.
Meeting the new opportunity, APC by Schneider Electric is to launch a new system that integrates multiple modes of economisation in a single solution, in order to provide the most efficient form of free cooling according to local conditions.
In other words, high airfares dissuade the economisation of airlines business for the benefits of local population.
And, finally, the growing trend toward economisation, with consumers deploying money-saving strategies.
As a result, competition would lead to an economisation of and enhanced efficiency in health care with a simultaneous improvement in the quality of care ("quality competition").
The main means of doing all of this is economisation.
The analysed insolvency risk resulting from growing economisation of social and economic life and rigorous economic criteria require even more precision and credibility in its definition if we want to take a proper action.