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Flue gas economisers are positioned between the boiler and the chimney and transfer the heat of the exhaust gas to the boiler feed water which flows through finned tubes.
Commenting for Fulton, managing director Paul Richards says: "Either way the Economiser achieves significant savings and as well as considerable economic benefits for our customers, the increase in boiler efficiency also has positive benefits for the environment.
R-22 was chosen as the working fluid whereas the expansion valve and flash tank layout was tested and compared to the economiser configuration.
To ensure the highest energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact a condensing economiser will be installed and each boiler fitted with low NOx burners.
Cette mesure vise egalement a economiser de l'energie a un moment oE le pays est affecte par des coupures de courant de plus en plus nombreuses et prolongees, et a des difficultes d'approvisionnement pour certains types de carburants.
This involves limited disruption to production, since each or all of the SoftColumn components--the final heater, the economiser and the pre-stripper column--can be linked into the existing installation with a minimum of down time.
Tenders are invited for Work of replacement of economiser (upper) coil assys in boiler unit # 6 during aoh-2017 at cstps, Chandrapur under capital expenditure.
L'initiative est donc lancee par quelques jeunes sur les reseaux sociaux, appelant chaque famille a rationaliser ses depenses durant ce mois connu pour la grande consommation, notamment des produits alimentaires, et donc a economiser 300 LE.
Yeast production company Lallemand GB has installed two BABCOCK WANSON BWD fire tube boilers with integral economiser and BW72H control system into its Felixstowe plant--the UK's largest fresh yeast production facility for the UK baking industry.
Tenders are invited for Work of flow modulation in flue gas ducts from economiser outlet to id fan inlet by computational fluid dynamics method with supply and installation of diverter plates during aoh of unit 9 at 3 x 660 mw units at ktps, Koradi.
Un plan de cooperation avec le ministere de l'Electricite porte sur la substitution des lampes electriques ordinaires, a d'autres lampes a energie economique, pour ainsi economiser 25% de la consommation electrique.
Les syndicats denoncent les severes mesures budgetaires recemment decidees par la coalition de six partis engages dans la formation du nouveau gouvernement belge, pour economiser 11,3 milliards d'euros en 2012 afin de ramener le deficit budgetaire sous les 3% du PIB.