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In fact, as greater savings are being sought in the health sector, the investment in retro-fit economisers is proving to be a prudent one.
Based in China and the UK, GREENS HOLDINGS LTD (SEHK:1318) is a leading international supplier of key heat transfer products and solutions designed to enhance energy efficiency and reduce heat and carbon dioxide emissions, with core business of manufacturing of high quality waste heat recovery products such as Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and waste heat boilers, economisers used in coal-fired power plants, marine products, as well as providing related services and repairs.
The new Economiser, which can provide fuel savings of up to 5% and, in a typical installation, achieve payback in less than a year, further enhances Fulton's green credentials and those of its customers.
Flue gas economisers can be incorporated to increase efficiency and X-ID tubes enable shorter shell lengths.
Babcock Wanson UK with its resources backed by the international energy group CNIM, says it has always had a keen eye for efficiency and with its current range of advanced industrial steam boilers have been refining both the design and cost of feed water economiser units to provide that sought after combination of effective design, simplicity, long life and low cost.
This boiler--rated at 46,000lbs/hr (20 tonnes), 150psi (10 barg) working pressure, fitted economiser and firing on Heavy Fuel Oil--then became the main steam supplier.
Not only that but if you decide to upgrade your existing boiler, with a new burner or flue gas economiser, system improvements may also attract a 0% interest energy efficiency loan from the carbon trust, providing the energy bill savings associated with your energy project are estimated to fully cover the cost of the loan amount within 4 years.
The scope of boiler house refurbishments is large, including covering pipe work upgrades, new boiler house control panels and new economisers.
With the company's range of economisers and energy efficient boilers, Wellman Robey has shown at Maintec 2006 that there are vast fuel savings to be had with minimal expenditure.
Mark Hills managing director commented: "Not only are we investing in new boilers, but we are utilising the best and environmentally efficient technologies with Hamworthy Low Nox burners, we have started manufacturing our first ever hire units with economisers to aid our client fuel efficiencies.