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The results of two-factor, within-subject analyses of variance show, as expected, that firms do economize in response to pressure (see Table 1).
These FSAs operate like Medisave accounts--except that FSAs are governed by a "use it or lose it" policy, which destroys the personal incentive to economize and avoid unnecessary procedures.
I'm proposing that we keep the 11 districts, that we further economize by cutting another 10 percent .
Although the Sunset Western Garden Book recommends planting it in full sun, Valley gardeners will economize on water, and not sacrifice much on growth, by planting it in half-day or slightly filtered sun.
Important advice for entrepreneurs on ways to economize when launching a start-up, as well as a list of additional educational resources to manage the start-up process.
The industry's merger fest is being driven by a need to economize in the face of depressed oil prices, which last year plunged by a third.
Visiphor Corporation develops and markets software that uses Web services to simplify, accelerate and economize the process of connecting disparate databases.
The director of an industry trade group notes that producers are under tremendous pressure to economize.
At the same time, HMO executives theorize that if they grow bigger they can economize on administrative costs and improve their bargaining clout when setting their payment rates for doctors and hospitals.
It incorporates our pay as you grow approach, allowing customers to flexibly configure the system to satisfy bandwidth requirements, prioritize voice and time-sensitive applications and economize using Power over Ethernet.
1) Personal spaceflight promises a much larger market and will provide the demand that the industry needs to grow and economize.