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In response to your comment "The VAV system has the ability to ventilate and economize without additional equipment," a reference is provided from Presidential Member Bill Coad's June 1996 ASHRAE Journal article, "Indoor Air Quality: A Design Parameter.
Now is not the time to economize where your profession is concerned.
2 : to use less of : save <I'm trying to economize on fuel.
We therefore raise and address the fundamental questions: how do managers economize in the face of environmental pressure, and what are the performance consequences of different approaches to economizing?
In addition to these benefits, often times when using logger/balers--whether portable or stationary--processors can charge more for their prepared metal and they can economize on their shipping charges: true bottom-line benefits.
We needed to make better use of our space and economize and we drew on our long term relationship with Mack-Cali to help.
But a more important way to economize and aid the environment may be to insulate one's home and carefully choose appliances and light fixtures.
Concentrates have been formulated for use with thermoplastic elastomers and are said to provide the intense coloration required for consumer appeal in many soft-touch applications, while enabling manufacturers to economize on concentrate consumption.
Yoga postures teach us to soften those muscles that we do not need for the asana, thus helping the practioner to economize their energy and relax the body.
As we try to economize on electricity today, they tried to economize on the candles in the old days.
Tribalism, feudalism, fascism, communism, and socialism all are forced to economize (ration) scarce means among competing ends.