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For example, cool air that is very dry might require you to spend a considerable amount on humidifying the air, which cuts into the savings your economizer would otherwise provide.
One key consideration in this arrangement is the fact that the partial economizer mode adds pressure drop above and beyond the original system design because flow must route through both a heat exchanger and a chiller in series.
The tests of the system are developed to help determining the most effective setup of the economizer as well as other required components (compressors, control system.
Analyzing this system provided the best indication of the cost effectiveness of a water economizer approach, as it clearly showed the savings from adding a discrete water economizer that was sized to match full cooling load without a chiller at 50[degrees]F DB and 45[degrees]F WB (10[degrees]C DB and 7[degrees]C WB) outside air conditions, matching the ASHRAE Standard 90.
For this heat economizer, we have the differential thermic equation
Experiments were performed on a five-ton rooftop air conditioner equipped with an economizer.
A fluid economizer system is incorporated into a chilled water or glycol-based cooling system.
Emissions were found to depend on the bark-to-sulfur rations in the fuel and on the stack oxygen, a surrogate for the oxygen level in the superheater and economizer sections.
Develop and implement an economizer diagnostic plan
Tenders are invited for Replacement in two stages of the reinforcement in two gasifiers of cold cryogenic produced by JV "Belikrio" in full with the delivery of an additional kit: Economizer (E) DN 15 PN40 (CE-15-1) - 1 pc.
An example of this is when some air handlers are in economizer mode and not using chilled water for cooling, while the remainder of the air handlers are using chilled water for cooling.