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Achieving compliance with Standard 90.1-2013 with respect to waterside economizers is not the sure thing that many have assumed it is.
On the other hand, an airside economizer uses cold outdoor air to reduce or eliminate mechanical cooling when the outdoor air is cool or cold.
The challenge for controlling either an economizer or energy recovery system lies in ensuring the most favorable outdoor air fraction or energy transfer, on some basis.
For facility managers and building owners looking to receive the most bang for their energy management buck, fuel and energy economizers can certainly fit the bill.
One significant problem with air-side economizers is that they do not always lend themselves to retrofits.
Figure 3 shows the proposed cooling system with a waterside economizer.
In addition, the Emerson modeling for the CEC compliance program demonstrated an 8 to 10 percent reduction in the data center Time Dependent Valuation measure, compared to the water economizer prescriptive option.
The base case data center's original design can be described as a typical water-cooled plant with chillers, cooling towers, and heat exchangers for economizer operation as shown in Figure 1, above.
"Design and control of waterside economizers." ASHRAE Journal, (6).
The researchers then examined the drag of deferred maintenance items on energy costs lighting controls, filters, fans, pumps, cooling tower, chillers, boilers, thermostats, humidity control, night setback, outside air ventilation and economizer cycle.
The contract takes the form of a public contract for the supply of two banks and economizers collector top of the walls of the boiler furnace ~C~ of the WTE plant run by Tecnocasic SpA.
Improvement in energy simulation of outside air economizers and fan control is necessary to simulate some of the recent improvements to building codes and energy standards.