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(4) In that work, he demonstrated that the market economy is the only solution to transforming rank orders of value into cardinal numbers suitable for making economizing decisions in a division of labor.
This allowed an increase in chiller operating efficiency during cooling hours and an increase in the amount of waterside economizing hours available.
We start by arguing that the neoclassical treatment of allocative efficiency adapted to the level of the firm by IO economics, in combination with the non-allocative efficiency arguments found in both IO economics and X-efficiency theory, offer utility toward examining the role of efficiency gains consistent with first-order economizing. We then synthesize these arguments with ideas from resource-based theory to provide a theoretical foundation for a subsequent empirical analysis that explores economizing in the U.S.
That said, the price mechanism (as distinct from the competitive theory of it) DOES manage rationing of scarce means by: allocating resources, economizing scarce means in production, distributing claims on the output and economizing (rationing) in consumption.
* Pages will receive additional merit pay for economizing and saving valuable material used in blouse construction.
When gourmet retailers who are guerrilla marketers think of economizing, they don't necessarily think of trying to save money.
In his foreword, Peter Hall points to the message that, 'We've got our economics upside down, and need to turn it the right way up: instead of economizing on people and putting them on the unemployment scrapheap, we need to economize on resources'.
The issue stems from an economizing; move computer managers made in the 1960s.
A fourth chapter interprets the circulation and then publication of the poems preserved in the Egerton manuscript as an instance of Erasmian "parsimony": "He was distinctively skilled at mining the available supply of patronage and maintenance for returns from the authorial and scholarly work he did, while conserving and economizing his expenditure of effort" (83).
The Court explained that "the claim of the tenant is so linked with the claim of the landlord, the facts are so closely connected that resolving them in one lawsuit instead of two will result in economizing judicial attorney time with a concomitant saving of legal costs." The Appellate Court apparently accepted the legal standard enunciated by the Civil Court, although it disagreed on the facts whether tenant's counterclaim was indeed so intertwined.
Such strategies also have included greater economizing on lower-yielding financial assets, such as transaction deposits, and on lower-yielding real assets in the form of business inventories.
The event's patron explained that the Kingdom of Bahrain's Government currently seeks to cope with challenges in terms of economizing water and energy consumption, boosting infrastructures in the sector, seeks alternative sources for energy, economizing and conserving energy, pointing out that the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), created in 1999, is a special directorate concerned with saving electricity and water, assigned the task of management of programs and projects geared towards saving electric power and water, for instance, the thermal insulation program in buildings, appraisal of buildings, energy verification and improving systems efficacy.