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He argued that if the economy of California, for example, were depressed and its companies forced to live off demand in other states, there is nothing the central authorities can or should do because those states are all under the same currency.
Domestically, attention is now turning from the economy to the unfolding of presidential elections in October.
The wartime economy is found everywhere, and it affects all aspects of life in the country," Kornfeld observes.
There is no model to describe the global economy as such because we are dealing with so many parameters, variables and "units of economy.
The goal of CAFE was to double new car fuel economy with no loss in performance, a goal that was largely achieved by 1985, according to the 2002 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report Effectiveness and Impact of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards.
While the immediate cause of the Crash was speculation that had sent prices too high, signs of a weakening economy, like a steep drop in farm prices, had been apparent earlier, but were overlooked or ignored.
The New Economy still seems alive, if not quite as healthy as it was in the late 1990s.
Goloven expects the economy in 2004 to expand by 4 to 4.
Here, one is struck by Tognetti's reluctance to venture into more-comprehensive analyses of the Florentine economy, even if one must admit that his discussion of broad theoretical issues about the operations of premodern economies helps to present his case studies in broader perspective.
economy as it is faring under the administration of President Bush.
If consumers increase their buying of these big-ticket items, the economy will take off.