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Second, the findings highlight the importance of learning within a drug subculture to the initiation, maintenance and experience of ecstasy use.
Ortiz said Almalbez was the source of liquid ecstasy while Penaflor was the source of cocaine.
inline=nyt-org) Food and Drug Administration gave permission Tuesday for large-scale trials of the drug, which is the finally step before approving Ecstasy as a prescription drug.
In September last year, Danielle McCallum, 18, from Greenock, died after reportedly taking ecstasy on holiday in San Antonio, Ibiza.
Greater Manchester Police added: "It is believed he had taken MDMA or ecstasy known as Magic.
Levy and colleagues (2005) conducted a set of focus group discussions on ecstasy using college students.
Kieran Gilchrist, 19, of Henglers Close, in West Derby, appearing at Liverpool Crown Court, was sentenced after admitting conspiracy to supply MDMA, more commonly known as Ecstasy.
Past studies have been notoriously hard to interpret because brain differences seen between Ecstasy users and nonusers could have existed long before the drug use began.
Scientists at Swansea University have carried out the first study of the effects of ecstasy on unborn children, warning that babies exposed to the rave generation's drug of choice could experience long-term memory, learning capacity, and emotional problems.
Scientists found that women who used ecstasy had more serotonin receptors - molecules that trigger biological responses to serotonin - in their brains.
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Six years ago researchers found that cancers affecting white blood cells responded to psychotropic drugs including ecstasy, weight-loss pills and anti-depressants.