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Ecstatic client anticipating the hero-status they are about to enjoy.
Both the coalescence and ecstatic dances have guidelines of silence, acceptance and mindfulness, meant to "inspire an ecstatic journey.
Ed Sheeran has said he is absolutely ecstatic after winning British male solo artist and British breakthrough act at this year's Brit Awards.
I like to think that ecstatic dance, in all its forms, is popping up to slow down human soul erosion--in all its forms.
LONDON: Crowds of ecstatic Libyans greeted the advancing rebel army in the capital Tripoli on Sunday, Britain's Sky news reported, saying opposition forces were now about eight kilometres from the centre of the besieged city.
There was a wall of record covers, a wall displaying covers for Ecstatic Peace's run to date, and miscellaneous pages enlarged as digital prints.
This book's main title announces its basic theme: the relation of the ecstatic to the quotidian.
It's just that sometimes they can get into this sort of feel-good if not feel-ecstatic mode in which they feel reasonably happy but not ecstatic.
And at the command we all/ran with ecstatic fear from/one side to the other--/Run Sheep Run
Young Prince Florin is ecstatic when he learns that the war between Moltovia and Vinland is over.
We're simply ecstatic and are very honored by Martha's faith in us to adapt her work," says Amy Hobby, the producer.
In either case, one will recognize the experience as being both very physical and very ecstatic (ec-stasis: beyond the body).