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Infection with M marinum in mammals appears to be primarily limited to the skin, mainly because of the higher core body temperature of mammals compared with the organism's normal ectothermic host.
Some ectothermic organisms may have a broad range of temperatures over which performance varies little (Schmalhofer & Casey 1999), negating the advantage of finely tuned behavioral thermoregulation.
04) at 24-26[degrees]C was similar to the slopes of power-performance curves for four other ectothermic shark species (0.
Juveniles of several species of pit vipers in the genus Bothrops have disruptive camouflaging colours and use tail-luring while foraging for ectothermic prey, mostly frogs (e.
horridus atricaudatus consume ectothermic prey and small rodents, while the adult diet consists principally of larger rodents.
Whereas alpha crystallin has been extensively studied in the endothermic mammals, little is known about this protein in ectothermic vertebrates.
Therefore, confirming Cock Buning's predictions with unanesthetized snakes will not be a straightforward matter, particularly when the ectothermic nature of snakes is considered.
Ecology of Viruses Infecting Ectothermic VertebratesThe Impact of Ranavirus Infections on Amphibians
The American lobster is an ectothermic species with a specific preferred thermal range for optimum physiological functionality (Reynolds & Casterlin 1979).
Because our cameras operated by detecting differences in temperature, and because iguanas are ectothermic species, we suggest that if reptiles like desert iguanas scavenged carcasses (DeVault and Krochmal, 2002) our cameras might not have detected them.
Ranaviruses are emerging infections in ectothermic and poikilothermic vertebrates.